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 Welcome to Dungeon Diving Headquarters (Open Beta)!!

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PostSubject: Welcome to Dungeon Diving Headquarters (Open Beta)!!   Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:24 pm

Hey all! Welcome to the Beta Opening of Dungeon Diving HeadQuarters!! This is an RPG site that is based on the concept of “Is it Bad to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon,” or as it's easier known as, DanMachi! Members (current and prospective) are encouraged to begin RPing their adventurer's lives as we begin testing our systems and modifying them.

This series follows the exploits of adventurers who serve as part of a “familia” that is run by a god or goddess. These deities have descended from the heavens to entertain themselves with the lives of the creatures already on Earth.

Here at DDHQ, we only follow the premise of the show. There will be God/Goddess positions to open up for players to step in charge of a familia every now and then. There will also be Raid events and many great opportunities for your adventurer to shine!

This site also won't stop "growing," in a sense. As new things are discovered during plot on the boards, more areas may open up to RP, lower levels in the dungeon will be opened to the public, etc. So let's get to work and have some fun!
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Welcome to Dungeon Diving Headquarters (Open Beta)!!
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